We’ve trained more than 2,400 student pilots without a single flying accident!

IASCO-GLOBAL: Providing Safe, Highly Skilled Flight Crews for Over 45 Years
  In aviation, experience counts. As the world’s oldest, most highly respected independent crew leasing company, IASCO-GLOBAL is proud of its well-earned global reputation for providing and managing the highest caliber crewmembers available. More than 50 airlines worldwide have relied on IASCO-GLOBAL’s stringent standards to select and retain the finest crews to meet their specific needs. Our long and successful history is due to our meticulous selection process and superior crew management, providing airlines with a level of trust, satisfaction, and service unparalleled in the industry.

FAA Recognizes IASCO-GLOBAL’s Excellence in Safety
  IASCO-GLOBAL’s training programs produce exceptionally well-trained pilots to meet the current and growing demands of the 21st century. The need for fully customized training programs has never been greater—with increased air traffic and an ever-tightening pool of crewmembers—and IASCO-GLOBAL is proud of its award-winning reputation for exceptional training programs and impeccable safety record, including FAA recognition of IASCO-GLOBAL’s excellence in aircraft maintenance. During the past 35 years, IASCO-GLOBAL has trained over 2,400 student pilots—and has been awarded for flying over 500,000 training flight hours—without a single flying accident, major incident, or major injury.

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